Hunting For Halibut

By Wayne Hill

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The Hunt for the Mighty Halibut
When fishing in Norwegian waters, in many people’s eyes there is one ultimate species they are chasing, the King of the Flatfish, the Halibut. By far the most popular reason UK anglers head over the North Sea, to the beautiful scenery of the Norwegian fjords, are the Cod. Plenty of them, and big ones at that ! Continue reading

Fall in Love with Shad Fishing

By Lee Hover

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I expect most of you are familiar with the shad type of lure, the rubbery fish looking thing with one or sometimes numerous hooks sticking out of it depending on what size of lure it is. They come in various sizes, shapes, colours and textures that can catch anything from a small Coalfish to a monster Halibut. The one thing they all have in common is the paddle tail that makes it work in the water when retrieving. Continue reading

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