Information, Pricing and Common Questions


Our tours are based at Saltstraumen in Northern Norway. Boasting the worlds fastest tidal currents it attracts huge shoals of fish and a great variety of wildlife. It really is a sight to behold.

Your holiday includes collection from Bodo Airport,  and then your return drop off at the end of your week.

Accommodation overlooking the sea in a comfortable secluded cabin.

Bait is included!

Full English cooked breakfast every morning and delicious meal every night.


Fully guided fishing. This includes help with tackle choices and tactics specific to each mark and each species, and the all important local knowledge.

A week for all of the above costs just £1000 per person. We cater for groups of   6 – 8 anglers at a time, but can take bookings from individuals and pairs.

Normal days start with an cooked breakfast, then we set off for a days fishing. There are a fantastic array of marks to fish, and the scenery is stunning, so even the drive there is a treat. Catching fish really is a bonus.

We have spent a long time discovering new marks in Norway and have pioneered many new methods to enable us to fish the hardest of marks successfully.  We have the right vehicles to get to the marks safely, reaching marks that others cannot. Hire cars wouldn’t get to a lot of our marks.
Our seasons run Jan, Feb, March & April, And then September, October, November and December.

The Winter/Spring season coincides with the Skrei arriving into the Northern Fjords. Skrei are the huge migratory Cod that arrive from the Berents Sea in these months. They grow to record breaking size as we proved in February 2016 with the new shore world record of 66lb 8oz!! We broke the 50 year old record by 50%..!!! As the season progresses and the days get longer we then start to concentrate on the Halibut fishing.

We also run September, October, November and December to mainly target Plaice and Halibut early in this season.  We’ve had numerous big halibut and they have been caught in excess of 300lb in the area by boat anglers. Alongside the Plaice and Halibut you can catch Cod in the 30lb plus bracket, Haddock, Coalfish and even Dabs nudging 2lb.

And we have many other records under our belt. Firstly the Ling we caught in March 2015 smashed the old record with a massive fish of 59lb 8oz! Beating the record by 35lb 8oz!!!

Then in February 2016  came that huge Cod of 66lb 8oz.

We then set a new Wolfish record in April 2016 with a fish of 20lb 8oz.

Then a record Lumb in September 2016 of 23lb 8oz.

A massive Whiting of 6lb 2oz caught in March was our first record for 2017.

A monstrous Plaice of 8lb 13oz came in September 2017 beating a very old record..!!!

Then in 2018 we started with a new record Halibut of 153lb 8oz, a truly remarkable achievement…!!

This followed with a record Redfish of 4LB that March.

Also that March a record Grey Gurnard which we think also holds the record for the prettiest fish we’ve seen.

And finally we upped the bar with the Lumb record with a cracking fish of 25lb.

We’ve landed Haddock over 12llb, and some huge hard fighting Coalfish.  We’ve had numerous 2nd and third biggest of certain species behind our own records. For example with Ling we hold at least the top 10 ever caught from the shore.

There’s also a lot of fantastic sport to be had with various types of spinning,  including shadding, with Halibut of 36lb our best on light tackle..!!
So you can see the huge potential that Saltstraumen offers the shore angler.

Flights are not included and cost roughly £220 each, but it depends on the week as the prices go up and down marginally each week.

We will advise and help you with your flight booking.

We have spent many many months in Norway over the years, and the reason we created these tours is because we know how expensive and how difficult it is to do it yourself, and know first hand how expensive it is to buy food there. Car hire is ridiculously expensive, and then you have to drive on snow and ice, fuel is dearer than the UK, then you need to pay the airline for extra bags to bring all your bait and food. Then you’ll pay £1200 a week to rent a house. You would also have to cook all your own meals etc which wastes valuable fishing time. Then there’s the biggest part of your holiday, the fishing!!  You have to find where to fish and how to fish there.

You cannot just jump off the plane and catch a 20lb cod from the first place you try. Some holidays in years past we spent 4-5 days just finding somewhere we could actually retrieve our tackle back from. Trying new areas is a very steep learning curve.

Hopefully you can see the work that’s gone into creating these holidays and how much work it saves you.  It’s fishing made easy.

Common Questions.

Who runs Guided Fishing Norway?
We are a team of independant fishing guides with a vast knowledge of shore fishing in Norway.

Where are the tours?
The tours are based around the famous Saltstraumen. This is above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway.

Where will I stay?
You will stay in a large detached “log cabin” style house overlooking the sea. There are 3 downstairs double rooms and a large 4 bed upstairs room. The house enjoys fantastic views of the fjord and mountains. There is a large open plan living area with wood burner, dining area and kitchen. The house is fully equipped for a comfortable stay.

When is the best time to go?
Our Winter/Spring tours are based around the Skrei season. These are the huge cod that travel into this area to spawn, between January and May. In February 2016 smashed the shore caught Cod record. The record stood for 50 years at 44lb 8oz, caught by Brandon Jones in 1966. One of our guests landed one of 66lb 8oz, that’s a 50% increase on a 50 year old record!! In fact one of the first people to congratulate us was Brandon himself. It was caught 50 years to the week! We also encounter Halibut in these months, plus the usual species like Wolfish and Coalfish. Our Autumn tours Run from September till December. Again you can fish for large cod and halibut, plus you have the chance of some fantastic species fishing with both bait and lures.

Can I fish for things other than Cod?
Yes of course! We offer deepwater fishing for Ling & Lumb. In fact we shattered the shore record for Ling that stood at 24lb with a 59lb 8oz fish during our very first tour! We also offer year round Halibut fishing which grow to well over the current record size. Add to this the chance of large Wolfish, the oversized Plaice, Coalfish and Haddock that can show at any time, then you can see you’re really spoilt for choice. We can explore the open coast, the inner fjords, deepwater marks and fast tidal streams. This area offers the exploratory angler huge potential in stunning unspoilt surroundings!

Do I need to cook my own meals or bring my own food?
No, we cook you a breakfast every day and an evening meal every night.

Do I need to rent a car?
No, we collect you from the airport and take you directly to the house. We do all the driving while you are on your tour. Then we take you back to the airport when the tour ends.

Do I need to bring bait?
No, we provide you with frozen herrings and/or Mackerel for bait. This is the best bait for the larger fish, although you are welcome to bring your own crab/worm if you like..

When do the tours run?
The Winter/Spring tours run from early January-May. The Autumn tours run September-December. They all run Wednesday-Wednesday on a weekly basis.

How much are the tours?
The tours cost £1000 per person per week. This includes your collection and drop off to and from Bodo airport in Norway. accommodation in our house, 2 cooked meals per day, fully guided fishing and all your pre holiday help with tackle and equipment choices etc. All our guests receive a packing list once they are booked.

Does this include my flight?
No, you will need to fly to Bodo in Norway via Oslo. We will help you select the correct flight so that you arrive at the right airport on the right day at the right time! Flights are approx £250 including one piece of hold luggage. You can fly from a few UK airports with Norwegian Air, SAS or KLM.

How many people are on each tour?
There are usually 6 or more people per tour, and can cater for groups of up to 8. Ideally you will come as a group, however individuals, pairs and threes etc can also be catered for, and you will be put with other individuals. Please get in touch with your enquiry.

What else will I need to bring?
Northern Norway in winter can be cold. Upon booking you will receive a full kit list of advisable equipment. It’s all about the right clothing, not about lots of clothing!

How do I book?
Please contact us to find when we still have availability. We can then get you booked up.

You will need to pay a non refundable deposit of £400 upon booking.


Cancellation within 6 weeks of travel date 100% of holiday to be paid for.

Cancellation within 3 months of travel date 75% of holiday to be paid for.

Cancellation within 6 months of travel date 50% of the holiday to be paid.